In adult CPR, in a patient with no spontaneous breathing, at what frequency will you administer breaths?

-- Every 5-6 seconds (10-12 / minute)

In the same patient after intubation, at what frequency will you administer breaths

-- Every 6-8 seconds (8-10 / minute)

In the above patient what is the intial Oxygen flow rate you would use?

-- 10L/minute

What is the rate of Oxygen flow you would use in a stable patient?

-- 2-4L/minute

During CPR how often will you switch providers?

-- Every 2 minutes

What is the initial pacer rate you would use in bradycardia?

-- 60

What is the role of Atropine in asystole and PEA?

-- No role at all

True or False? In regular wide complex tachycardia Adenosine may be used.

-- True

Will you use Adenosine in Irregular wide complex tachycardia?

-- No

In symptomatic bradycardia, what is the first line medication?

-- Atropine

In symptomatic bradycardia, if Atropine does not give a satisfactory response, what else can you use that is equivalent to TCP?

-- IV Dopamine or IV Epinephrine

In synchronized cardioversion for Atrial Fibrillation, what is the initial shock you would use?

-- 120-200 J Biphasic

In synchronized cardioversion for unstable SVT or Atrial Flutter, what is the initial shock that you would use?

-- 50-100 J Biphasic

In synchronized cardioversion for unstable monomorphic Ventricular Tachycardia what is the initial shock used?

-- 100 J Biphasic

In a post code setting, what is the only intervention shown to improve neurological recovery?

-- Therapeutic Hypothermia 32-34 C for 12-24 hours

What is the best indicator to determine if the ET tube has been placed correctly?

-- Waveform Capnography

An abrupt increase in PETCO2 indicates what?

-- ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation)

In a Tachycardia EKG, if the interval between two R waves is more than two large boxes, what is the rhythm likely to be ?

-- Sinus Tachycardia. If less than 2 large boxes, the rate is >150 , is PSVT

In a patient in asystole, who is receiving CPR what is the NEXT thing you would do?

-- Gain IV or IO access

In Ventricular Fibrillation the first dose of medication you would give is Epinephrine. What is the second dose that would give?

-- Epinephrine

In bradycardia with pulse, what is the dose of Atropine that you would use?

-- Atropine 0.5 mg q 3-5 minutes, maximum 3 mg

If this fails, what would you do next?

-- Transcutaneous Pacing OR Dopamine (2-10 mcg/kg/mt) OR Epinephrine (2-10 mcg/mt)

What will you do to manage a patient with stable bradycardia and a pulse?

-- Observe and consult cardiology (do NOT pace immediately)

You are watching a patient's monitor in the ICU and notice that suddenly he is going into Ventricular Fibrillation. What will you do?

-- Shock !!

What is the dose of Magnesium Sulphate in TDP?

-- 2 gm in 10 ml D5W IV over 5-20 minutes

In a post-code patient, if SBP <90 what do you do?

-- IV NS or Ringer Lactate 1-2 L bolus. If planning hypothermia use fluid at 4 deg C.

Dopamine 5-20 micrograms/kg/minute

-- In the post code patient what is the O2 Saturation level that we are trying to achieve?

Keep Oxygen Sat >94%

In unstable bradycardia, what is the first thing you will do?

-- Give Atropine and prepare to Pace ASAP

When PETCO2 is being monitored, what numbers would indicate ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation) ?

-- 35-40 mm Hg

During CPR we are trying to raise coronary perfusion pressure to what level?

-- 10 mm Hg

In evaluating team dynamics, when the team leader recounts what has been done and states the next step, what is it called?

-- "Summarizing and Reevaluating"

When a team member makes a suggestion what is it called?

-- "Knowledge sharing"

When team members use a friendly tone and acknowledge the other members' input what is it called?

-- "Mutual respect"

When a team member corrects another member's mistake what is it called?

-- "Constructive Intervention"

When the team leader gives an order and the team member repeats it back to him what is it called?

-- "Closed loop communication"

When each order is addressed to one person by name what is it called?

-- "Clear roles and responsibilities"

When the leader outlines the next steps what is it called?

-- "Clear messages"

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